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@astctour Twitter List on Bridges, Caverns, Water Falls, and Views

Our YouTube Playlist on Bridges, Caverns, Water Falls, and Views use the map to zoom into our region.


Hikes with Views (KY/VA)

Waterfall Stream Hikes (KY/VA)

Viewing the Cumberland at High Knob Tower

Lonesome Pine Trails (Waterfalls)


Cumberland Falls (Corbin, KY)

KY Waterfalls (website)

Gabes Branch Falls

Pine Mountain & Jenkins Overlooks CRDRT

Bad Branch Falls  CRDRT

GAP CAVE (2 hour guided tour with Ranger) CUMBERLAND GAP NP

The Kentucky Wildlands (Water Falls)




Powell Valley Scenic Overlook.  Wise County  CRDRT

Sand Gave.  Cumberland Gap National Park.  Lee County  

Birch Knob Observation Tower (Dickenson County) CRDRT

Devil's Bathtub (Scott County) CRDRT

     Viral Trails:  The Weird Popularity of Devil's Bathtub

Little Stony National Recreation Trail (Water Fall) (Scott County) CRDRT

Copper Ridge Trail and Overlook (Pinnacle Area Natural Preserve) 

Lonesome Pine Trails

     What the Heck is That Over There? Flag Rock Edition (Norton)  CRDRT.

     What the Heck is That Over There? Birch Knob Edition (Norton)  CRDRT. 

Big Walker Lookout (Wytheville)


Death Rock (Williamson) CRDRT

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