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This US Forest Service Interactive map has opportunities for bicycling. use the map to zoom into our region.

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Mountain Biking in the NC High Country 



Cranes Nest Trail Flickr (Album) (Clintwood)

Mountain Sports LTD (Bristol)

Virginia Mountain Bike Trail  (Front Royal-Damascus)

Flag Rock Area Trails (Wise County) CRDRT

     Flag Rock Area Trails:  Norton, Virginia's Hiking and Mountain Biking Wonderland

Russell Fork Trail CRDRT

!Note:  This trail is not suited for Mt. Bikes, because there are far too many steep sections, and there are lots of brush.  Wear paints due to vege growth.  

Poor signage, please study up on the links below! (July 2021)    

     Breaks Interstate Park to Bartlick

     Haysi to Bartlick

     Splashdam Mine Pass

ASTC report:

1/5.  Haysi to Splashdam Mine Pass.  (Suited for Hiking, Biking, and Horses)

2/5.  Splashdam Mine Pass Loop.  (Suited for Hiking with tick prevention). 

3/5.  Down to Bartlick.   (Really steep, very poor signage, only for hiking)

4/5.  Bartlick to the Top. (Really steep climb).

5/5.  Top to the 80.  (Ok for biking and horse, poor signage)


Arrowhead Bike Farm (Fayetteville) 


Sugarcamp Mountain Trails (Prestonsburg)

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