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@astctour Twitter List on Science

Our YouTube Playlist on Science


Summer Camp For Kids (Huntington, WV & Ashland, KY

June 1st- August 13th

Backcountry Science: Why Don't Streams Freeze in the Winter 

Backcountry Science:  Rime Ice

Backcountry Science:  A Living Thermometer


Backcountry Science:  Staying Warm During Winter Hiking

Backcountry Science:  Hiking and Snakes and Bears-Ohh My!

Backcountry Science:  What is a Topo Map?

Backcountry Science:  Leaf Peepin'

Eastern KY

East Kentucky Science Center

Red River Gorge (Geology)

Western NC

French Broad River Academy

Northeastern TN

Discover Life in America (Smoky Mountains)


Heart of Appalachia

Blue Ridge Highlands

Blue Ridge Discovery Center (Grayson County, VA)

Blue Ridge Discovery Center is creating a grand Southwest Virginia destination centered around our mission to inspire curiosity, discovery, and stewardship through the wonders of the Blue Ridge. Located in one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world, our future campus will consist of a Visitor Center, Residential Education Facility, Biological Field Station, Butterfly House, Nature Trails, Campground, and Cabins.


Virginia Mountains

The Peaks Resort and Adventure Center (Bedford County)

Southern Shenandoah Valley

West Central Virginia

West Southern Virginia

Southern WV

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