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West Virginia becoming Eat Coast sky-watching destination

Jan, 2022


@astctour Twitter List on Stargazing

Our YouTube Playlist on Stargazing use the map to zoom into our region.


Northeastern TN

Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium (Kingsport) CRDRT


Heart of Appalachia

Blue Ridge Highlands


Virginia Mountains

Groups near Roanoke

Southern Shenandoah Valley

West Central Virginia

West Southern Virginia

Southern WV

Rustic Ravines (Genoa)

Watoga State Park was named one of the Top 5 New Dark Sky Places

In the association’s nomenclature, a dark-sky sanctuary is “generally located in a very remote location, with few (if any) threats to the quality of the surrounding dark night sky.” They are even more remote – and usually darker – than darker parks or reserves.

West Virginia becoming Eat Coast sky-watching destination

Eastern KY

Northeastern TN

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