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West Virginia becoming Eat Coast sky-watching destination

Jan, 2022


@astctour Twitter List on Stargazing

Our YouTube Playlist on Stargazing use the map to zoom into our region.


Northeastern TN

Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium (Kingsport) CRDRT


Heart of Appalachia

Blue Ridge Highlands


Virginia Mountains

Groups near Roanoke

Southern WV

Rustic Ravines (Genoa)

Watoga State Park was named one of the Top 5 New Dark Sky Places

In the association’s nomenclature, a dark-sky sanctuary is “generally located in a very remote location, with few (if any) threats to the quality of the surrounding dark night sky.” They are even more remote – and usually darker – than darker parks or reserves.

West Virginia becoming Eat Coast sky-watching destination

Eastern KY

Northeastern TN

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